Tips On How To Stop Your Smoke Alarm From Going Off

It’s pretty common for smoke alarms to go off, even without a fire. There is also a good chance that you’ve experience this as well, especially if you’ve ever burnt some chocolate chip cookies; smoke starts coming out of the oven and your fire alarms start blaring throughout the house. It’s also common to turn your fire alarm off in these situations, seeing as burnt cookies aren’t a life threatening situation.

However, you might forget to turn your smoke alarm back on. After all, we’re human and tend to forget or put these things off. But in order to keep you and your home fully protected at all times, you should always have a working and active smoke alarm system.

Here are some ways that you can stop your smoke alarms from going off:

  • Replace the batteries: Like all battery operated devices, your smoke alarm’s batteries are bound to run out of energy. In order to avoid the alarm from going off, be sure to replace your smoke alarm’s batteries once every year. By making an effort to do so, even if the batteries haven’t died, you can avoid your system going off at an inconvenient time.
  • Clean your alarm: You might have changed the batteries, and you might not even cook in your home, but the alarm can still go off. All of the dust and particles floating around in your home can trigger the alarm’s ability to detect smoke, which leads to the system setting off a false alarm. Therefore, it’s best to clean your smoke alarm about twice a year to avoid triggering a false alarm.
  • Cook with a fan/fume hood: Since we all need to eat and love to do so, be sure to cook your next meal with a fan or fume hood turned on. These devices will diffuse any smoke that might come from your cooking, and greatly reduce the risk of setting off your smoke alarm.

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