Tips To Prevent Holiday Package Theft

In all reality, the holiday season isn’t too far away. With that in mind, it’s become increasingly popular to have gifts shipped to family and friends both locally or in another area, and the chance that their gift never makes it into their hands is definitely a risk that sometimes has to be taken. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a security system in place at your home for when you’re both present and away. However, there are some tips you should keep in mind that go beyond a security system to keep track of gifts and packages you’ll be sending or receiving…

  • Rather than shipping a gift directly to someone’s house or apartment, ship the package to their office and workplace if possible. More so often than not, an office building will have their own security company to ensure the safety of various employees and property.
  • Always be sure to track the packages you send to friends and relatives. By being able to actually track your package, you’ll have some peace of mind about whether or not the gift makes it to their home. If the package becomes lost in the mail for whatever reason, this will be reflected in the tracker, making it easier for you to either get your money back or inquire about the issue.
  • Even though it might be inconvenient for some, require a signature for the packages you’ll be shipping this holiday season. Requiring a signature is probably the safest option when it comes to shipping packages because it ensures that your gift has made it to its final destination.

At Central Alarm, safety and security is our number one priority. By having a quality security system as an integral part of your home with cameras and alarms, you can be certain that none of the gifts and packages shipped to your home will be stolen or violated.

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