Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Living in Arizona means that there is always the chance of a fire. Now, just because we live in Arizona doesn’t mean that our homes are more likely than other to be caught in a wildfire, but we should always be prepared, regardless. But how and where does this start for people? It starts with the homeowners, who must ensure that their homes have proper, functioning, and up-to-date smoke alarms throughout the house. But you should also have working smoke and heat detectors in addition to the standard, smoke alarm. Therefore,here is some advice to help keep yourself and your home protected from fires at all times:

  • Be sure to replace the batteries in your smoke alarm once or twice a year. In the event of an emergency, those batteries could be the determining factor in a life or death situation.
  • Make sure that smoke and heat detectors are places somewhere high, like on the ceiling or wall. If these detectors are too low, they won’t be able to detect any smoke or heat, seeing as the two rise in the atmosphere. Therefore, keep them relatively high so any smoke or heat can be easily detected by the device.
  • Make sure smoke alarms and heat detectors are placed in every livable room in the house. That means having these devices placed in all bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and the like.
  • Keep smoke and heat sensors away from kitchens and bathrooms. While the kitchen is the room most likely to catch on fire because of the stove and oven, the natural smoke and heat that comes from cooking will make the devices go off constantly. The same logic applies to the shower – the natural steam from a hot shower has the ability to set smoke and heat sensors off.

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