Halloween Safety Tips For Your Home (Part 2)

Welcome back! We hope that you’ve enjoyed part one of this two part series about how you can better protect your home and your belongings this upcoming Halloween. In the first part of the series, we covered three different ways on how you can protect your home and your vehicle. Here are additional ways in which you can protect your belongings:

  • If you’ve decided to turn your home into a crazy, scary, haunted house, you’ll have to be extra careful when protecting your furniture and decorations. If you’re planning on doing this, choose one simple path that people are forced to walk through. This way, no one will be wandering around your home, uninvited. Second, be sure to block off parts of your home. You can do this with things like rope, tarp, or moving around large pieces of furniture. This would make it difficult for anyone to stray from the path. Second, remove any objects that people would be inclined to steal. While it would be difficult for someone to walk away with your television unnoticed, smaller items such as bowls, etc. are easy for someone to store away under a costume or in their candy bag. Therefore, be sure to move them into a different room where no one can reach them.
  • While Halloween decorations have become more and more intense and complex over the years, it’s important to be careful if you’ve included using any fire or flammable objects in your decorations. For instance, while it’s common to put tea candles in your jack-o-lanterns, consider using battery powered ones instead. They might be more expensive than ordinary tea lights, but they are far safer than the latter.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed and this two-part series informing you on how to keep your belongings and home safe this Halloween! Remember, while it’s important to be safe, you should also be having fun!

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