Best And Worst Places To Hide A Spare Key

If your front door could speak, I’m sure it would have a lot to say. It would remember the first time you walked into your new home, the friends you’ve had walk through it for parties, the times when you walked through crying, and every single moment of your life, big or small, happy or sad. But something that should never walk through your front door? An unwelcome guest.

Because front doors still use manual house keys, here are some of the best and worst possible hiding spots for your spare.

Best Spots

  • In or Under your Dog House: This is a great spot to store an extra spare key because, for one, no robber will want to reach in there seeing that your dog will most likely pose as a threat. Dog houses can also be quite large, which means you’ll have more than enough options when it comes to finding a perfect space in their home.
  • With a Trusted Friend./Neighbor/Family Member: Leaving a spare house key with someone you trust can also be beneficial. Not only does it give you an excuse to see them if you lose your current key, but you will know that it’s being kept safe indoors, rather than left outside for someone to find.
  • In your car: We are serious about this! Consider leaving a spare key to your home in your own car. Perhaps maybe in the sun glass holder?

Worst Spots

  • Under a Door Mat: This is probably the worst place to hide a spare key. Why? It’s the first place that someone would look when trying to enter your home without permission. It’s too obvious, and should always be avoided.
  • Your Wallet: Think about it… if you lose your wallet, not only would that person have all of your information and credit cards, but they would also have the key to your home. Even if you have never lost your wallet, you can avoid a worst-case-scenario by keeping your spare key elsewhere.

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