How to Recover Stolen or Lost Packages? (Part 1)

Did you order something online for the holidays that never showed up to its final destination? This actually happens to a number of people, and you’re not alone if this happened to you this year. But what can you do about it? After all, you don’t know if a package just never made it, or if it was stolen from your front door or mailbox. If you ordered or sent a package that never arrived, here are some ways to help you recover the stolen or lost items…

  • Check the shipping information or your home security videos: If you haven’t seen your package, first check your shipping confirmation, and whether or not it lets you check the status of your package. It could just be the case that it doesn’t arrive on time! But if your shipping status says that the package has in fact been delivered, check the video footage from your home security cameras to see whether or not your package was stolen.
  • File a police report: Whether or not you have a camera and think that your package was stolen rather than lost in the mail, its best that you contact the police and file an official report. While there might not be any witnesses, filing a report is still a good idea. Likewise, filing a police report could help in an effort to stop a slew of stolen packages that might have occurred in your area and neighborhood without you knowing. It might be a larger problem that you actually believed it to be.
  • Contact USPS: If you ordered a package that was supposed to be delivered through USPS, you’ll have to file an official form through their website. There are things that you need in order to do this, including the package’s tracking number, proof of value, and the proof of insurance. For stolen photos, upload screen shots of the act taking place.

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