Alarm Systems with Apps? The New Security

Last time on the Central Alarm blog we took a look how alarm systems works, from the sensors to their triggering alarms. One of the mentioned ways that systems trigger and alert home owners was through accessing smart devices. Today, we are going to look over some of those home security apps.

Alarm Systems with Apps

  • Ivideon
    • Ivideon is a surveillance service that allows for live streaming over internet and any device or connecting the application directly to a camera. The footage of all video is saved to cloud storage and you can access, save, and recover them. You can also send audio back to the home over the internet.
  • Video Monitor
    • This app works with Android, featuring a slick and simple interface. The boons of this app are the motion detection settings and notifications via email, as well as GPS tracking.
  • Reolink
    • A simple plug and play set up, Reolink works with cameras with no reconfiguring necessary. The app itself is free and allows you to view live feeds from your cameras anywhere, anytime. Has a user-friendly interface, motion-detection alerts, 4-megapixel HD, and night vision. This app however only works with their supported camera and security systems.
  • Alfred
    • The Alfred app is less an alarm system with an app and more an app that turns a smart phone into a camera. It has an easy to use interface but past that it does not allow for nearly as much functionality as others.
  • i-Security
    • This app, much like others, is used to manage and stream video feeds from several different cameras in a surveillance system. The video streams over 3G or WiFi so you should not have any hiccups when it comes to accessing your video. Some users report that the app can be too slow to respond at times, and that is definitely not something you want to have happening in a security system.
  • AtHome
    • This app works in similar way as many out there on the market. It works by turning your home computer into a web camera for security purposes. Point the camera towards whatever area you like in your home and you will then have a live view on your iOS device. With motion detecting and alarms, you will be notified anytime something triggers the sensors. However, this does shut down whenever the computer goes to sleep so you will want to check your settings before leaving for a long stretch.
    • With a name like you would imagine this is quality huh? iOS application that allows for users to connect to their pre-existing security systems and monitor them. Motion-detection triggers, live streams any time, and simple to use makes this a choice. Though this app does use a lot of storage in use.

The market for smart-security and always on smart device connections is constantly growing and shifting. New apps are constantly released and adjusted and tweaked to find the best possible solution for security.




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