Do Alarms Deter Burglars?

Do alarms deter burglars

Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog, where we deliver all the news and information that keeps you and yours safe and secure. We have been running over the pros and cons of many different kinds of security systems lately but a question we see popping up frequently has prompted us to shift gears this time.  That question? Do alarms deter burglars?

Obviously, the concern is real. Alarms get set off when an intrusion is made into your home, but will that stop a burglar in their tracks? Will the sign of security be enough to deter an intrusion in the first place? Before investing into a security system these are the questions people want answered, to know that their dollars are going to do something to help their families and property stay safe.

Do Alarms Deter Burglars?

To put it simply: yes. If that’s all you wanted to know then, by all means, move along on the blog, – perhaps to the recent discussion on types of motion detectors. If you are looking for a more involved answer, something you can trust, then keep reading.

Security companies, by and large, will respond to alarms within 15 second to a minute. That means within a minute of the intrusion, the alarm will be handled, though it may not guarantee fast police response, it does mean some force opposite the intruder is at work. But in that immediate response, an alarm blares for instance, and a burglar is cast into a spotlight of attention. Absolutely not what they were looking for.

Researchers at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice conducted a study that answers many of these questions. Over a five year period, they found that an increase in security alarms saw a decrease in the number of burglaries during that same period.

A separate study gives us an even better resource for the thought processes of burglars, the criminals themselves! Conducted at the University of North Carolina interviewed over 400 people convicted of burglaries and about their processes when it came to their crimes.

A staggering 83% of burglars reported that before breaking in, they would attempt to discover if the home had some security alarm. Roughly 50% declared that they would stop the attempted break-in if they found an alarm. Only a little over 10% said they would continue with the break in when alerted to a security alarm. Still, one in ten is a larger enough number.

No alarm will deter every attempted burglary, but for that one in ten, it will do two things. First, it will certainly limit the amount of time the burglar spends in the home, as he is now rushing to beat the response. That severely limits the loss. Second, that alarm/security system alerts the security company, the homeowner, and the authorities as well.

So, do alarms deter burglars? Again, the numbers show a resounding ‘Yes!’ If you are interested in securing your home from intruders, and likely deterring them from ever choosing your home contact us and we can get your home secured.

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