How Effective Are Home Alarm Systems?

Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog, where we are closing out 2017! Wow. This year has gone by in a blaze! Lightning fast. Seems like just yesterday we were talking with you about how to protect your information when shopping online! Well, here we are on the cusp of a new year and it’s time to take it all back to the central question. The foundation of our entire business. What everyone wants to know when they begin considering making a security decision. “How effective are home alarm systems?”

How Effective Are Home Alarm Systems?

To give the fastest answer, according to FBI homes that have an efficient (working, well placed etc) home alarm security system are three times less likely to be victims of burglary than their unsecured counterparts.

Rutgers did their own study. In 2009 the five year study concluded and the results were in keeping with FBI’s assessment. It found that over the period of the study, burglaries in Newark, NJ decreased at a steady rate at the same time an increase of registered (just registered! Remember some systems are DIY) home security systems.

So that’s the answer short and sweet. Home alarm systems are effective in preventing and halting burglaries. BUT! There’s more! The study also found some more interesting results, for instance:

Neighborhood Watch

The study concluded that home alarm systems were not just effective for the house in which they were installed. In fact, the protection generated by their efficient use extended to neighboring homes as well. Neighbors of those with security systems found their homes burglarized less often.

This also means that as a community or neighborhood has more security systems throughout the neighborhood as a whole became safer.

Convicted burglars themselves have admitted that security systems were effective deterrents to their schemes, which we have discussed earlier as well. In another study they reported a number of facts. Briefly:

  • 50% of respondents said they engaged in residential burglarly, while ~30% preferred businesses.
  • 60% said they would consider the presence of security systems in selecting targets.
    • Of those, 40% said that the presence of security or alarm systems would prompt them to choose another target.
  • A majority of respondents reported that if during the burglary an alarm sounded they would flee.

OK, They’re Effective. What Else?

Burglaries are most like to occur during the hours of 10am to 3pm, when most Americans are at work and there is an assumption amongst criminals that the home is unoccupied. To combat this further, in addition to your clearly effective alarm system, you can take a few simple measure.

  • Keep valuables safe, locked away, or at least not on display
  • If you have an extra vehicle, keep it parked in the drive way when away.
  • Know your neighbors!
    • Requesting neighbor help when you are away can double the amount of eyes looking out for your home.
  • Keep a TV or Radio on to indicate someone may be home.
  • If you have gardeners or window cleaners, schedule them to come around when you are at work.

All of these measures, taken together with an efficient, effective home alarm or security system should be enough of a deterrent that you will not need to worry about theft again. To get a security system, cameras installed, or even guard services scheduled contact us here and we can get your home, family, and belongings protected. We will even complete a free home security review to let you know any possible weaknesses in your current set up. Start 2018 off with a secure home!

From all of us here at Central Alarm, we wish you happy holidays, and a very happy New Year! We will see you all again in 2018!

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