Burglary, Thefts, and Other Crime Statistics

It’s time for some hard data here on the Central Alarm blog. We talk a lot about the efficacy of burglar alarm systems for businesses and homes, how their presence alone is a deterrent for would-be burglars. This entry we are going to get into the actual details, the numbers and statistics for crime in Arizona, to give a more concrete frame of reference for those who interested in burglar alarms, guard services, or any of the other myriad security services we offer here at central Alarm.



Burglary, the unlawful entry into a ‘structure’ with the intent to commit theft or a felony. Use of force to enter, gain entry is not necessary. Structures are defined as apartments, barns, houseboat, house trailers, office, stable. A car does not count for these statistics.

Burglary Stats

  • A total of 36,448 burglaries were reported in 2017
  • January was the busiest month for burglaries – 3,337! February recorded the least with 2,821. January averages out to 107 reports a day, while February sat at 100. Not that big of a difference when you break it down.
  • Forced entry was a part of roughly 55% of burglaries.
  • The value of property stolen totaled $53,027,933
  • Of that, residential burglaries made up $37,708,140.
  • 3% of burglaries were residential, 30.7% were committed on non-residence.
  • Many people think of burglars as guys wearing dark clothes sneaking in at night the statistics show otherwise! Aside from the 33.8% burglaries that occurred in an unknown time, 40.2% occurred during the day, from 6am – 6pm. Only 26.1% of burglaries occurred during the night hours, 6pm – 6am.
  • The total number of arrests for burglary was 4,217, while the total number of clearances (charges being laid) was 3,534.



Defined as the unlawful taking, leading, carrying or riding away of property. Examples include bike thefts, stolen motor vehicle parts, shoplifting, pickpocketing or any other theft of property that is not done so by force or fraud. So someone stealing parts from your business? That falls under larceny-theft.

Larceny-Theft Stats

  • In 2017 there were a total of 143,742 reported larceny-thefts.
  • Larceny-theft accounted for 62.5% of the total reported crimes for the year.
  • As should be no surprise (with all the gift giving) December had the highest number of incidents with 13,757 larceny-thefts.
  • Shoplifting made up 32.2% of all larceny-thefts, with a reported total of 46,231.
  • The total value of stolen property is valued at $68,999,606!

These are just the stats on two of the listed crimes for 2017, there are more property crimes out there including vandalism, all of which security systems can help deter or document!

Note: All of these stats are from 2017, published by the AZDPS.gov website. You can view the whole document  here. While burglar crimes have decreased over the years (in fact burglaries are down by 578 instances since 2000) that may well be because of the increase in burglar/alarm systems, and their reported effectiveness in deterring criminals.

Don’t want to be a part of those statistics? We don’t blame you! That’s why Central Alarm offers every security solution you could hope for, whether it be home video surveillance or card secured entries for businesses. Together we can ensure that your home, business, or both are not targets of burglars and if so, that the authorities have every mean necessary to bring them to justice!  Ready to get your security top of the line? Contact us at Central Alarm and we will make it happen!

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