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Trusted Home Security – Designed to Make You Safe

Homes and businesses have never had as many options for safety and security as they do today. Tools ranging from simple tried and true alarm systems to wireless smart home tech giving you complete overwatch straight to your phone. Knowing what your situation requires and choosing system that fits it can be the difference between being robbed, responding quickly to a break-in, or never having to deal with it at all.

For all these options and the expertise to implement them, Tucson residents have come to Central Alarm since 1939.

Rigorous, Secure Surveillance

While Puzzle Rings may have worked for ancient Romans, the resources available to modern man to steal and invade have progressed. We have not sat idly by as ne’er do wells have advanced. We have video surveillance, we have Eagle Eye verification, we have good old-fashioned boots-on-the-ground guard services. The latest technology to combat any sort of intrusion, malicious or accidental. All of which can be implemented at home or for your business, allowing for constant surveillance via the internet or mobile. Having that readily available option makes for an incredible peace of mind and a serious deterrent to would be bad guys.

Trust and Dependability Along with a Proven Track Record

With our catalog of alarms, systems, and guards comes a history of service. As mentioned, Central Alarm has been securing and safeguarding Tucson families since 1939 and in that time proven to be the most responsive, affordable alarm company in the region. Our quality installations, monitoring, and responsiveness set us ahead of the rest. From considering what tools you need to react in the time of emergency Central Alarm is with you every step of the way, proving ourselves. Central Alarm does so much more than sell you a security system. We become the watchful guard of your home, estate, or business. It’s a partnership you can rely on especially if the worst should occur.

When Your Home or Business Requires A Quality Alarm System

From random patrol services to marked security vehicles and home vacation checks, Central Alarm has the monitored services and alarm systems that Tucson residents expect and deserve. When it comes time to outfit your business or home, turn to the industry experts here at Central Alarm. Together we create a security strategy, to solve your business security needs and provide residential security solutions that will work. With Central Alarm, you will have total peace of mind in the cutting edge technologies and skilled security professionals available to you. Contact Central Alarm to learn more about having a quality alarm system installed with affordable pricing by veteran hands.